Blank Canvas 2.0

September 11, 2014


CamoShirt-01-47I don’t think they really ready for my wardrobe—I show up right before the store close and blow the fee from my last four shows—I do one blog and use four flows. Me and the owner build a rapport so—He understands the fact that I’m spending offshore dough—Cash only transactions homie, And please no receipts, the feds like to explore those—They can’t audit if they don’t know I bought it.

Presents requested to unveil and celebrate @TheBCbrand 2.0 launch. As the Blank Canvas boutique transitions to new renovated standards, an all male collection, bringing in a new portfolio of brands.  Swing by and checkout the store at… Continue Reading…


O to 60 Revono Coupe

August 18, 2014

Tesla’s Model S has a challenger. The Revono Coupe has sparked some buzz around it’s American Made “electric powered” frame. 0 to 60 in just 4.2 seconds when equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour performance drivetrain, which is faster than just about everything else on the road shy of exotics and high-end sports cars. But watch the video, wouldn’t want to bore you when there’s a dope A$$ video that explains any and everything sales pitch I could throw at you.

$529,000 – Delivers in 2015


Happy Drawers? F/W 2014

August 4, 2014

Let’s begin by discussing the picture I chose… It had the most female skin and least male Johnson activity.

Back to our regular schedule programming…

For those interested in color undergarments, with patterns that excite the soul and add that “did you see what I did there” flare to any arrangement of clothing, we give you Happy Socks. The 2008 sock brand reaches it’s hand a bit deeper up the legs of it’s consumer, with the release of their Fall/Winter 2014 underwear collection. Staying true to their goal in bring happiness and quality to every corner of the underwear drawer. Happy Socks Underwear line comes in a variety of signature patterns and colors as a true continuity of the core values and aesthetic of the brand.

A full collection including  Men’s Boxer, Men’s Boxer Brief and a Women’s Brief, offered within a range of six different patterns and fifteen colors. Now available on, at Happy Socks Concept Stores, Pop Up Stores and retailers worldwide.